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Wilson Forestry is dedicated to providing professional consultant forestry services of the highest quality to assure continued benefits of vigorous, high value timber, and quality outdoor recreation, while maintaining excellent aesthetics. We are further committed to applying the highest ethical and professional standards in all our activities, which reinforces our commitment to our customer's satisfaction and peace of mind.

I have been a practicing professional forester for 17 years. While I attended the University of Kentucky Department of Forestry, I worked as an arborist in Lexington Kentucky with Michler Tree Specialists, where I was responsible for tree care and maintenance, herbicide and pesticide application, and tree disease diagnosis. Upon my graduation in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science, I spent a summer working for Mead Paper Corp. as a forest intern in their reforestation program, where I was responsible for overseeing the planting of over 500,000 seedlings in one year. Upon the expiration of my internship, I served the Kentucky Division of Forestry, where I was a Senior Forester in Mayfield, Kentucky, as well as Chief Forester in Morehead, Kentucky. I was responsible for administering the Kentucky Forest Stewardship Program, where I personally wrote over 150 Forest Stewardship Plans, oversaw hundreds of acres of timber harvesting,which I marked personally, and the planting of over 1000 acres of new tree plantations. I was further charged with marking stands for timber stand improvement, as well as direct fire suppression. In 1996, I left public service for the private sector, working as Timber Procurement Superintendent for Kentucky Veneer & Plywood Corp., Columbia Kentucky Corporation, and Forest Products Inc. In this capacity, I was responsible for accurate timber valuation, followed by purchase, harvest, and reclamation. I know what its like to "put my money where my mouth is"! I was also responsible for all aspects of regulatory compliance, contractual negotiation, and sale retirement on the lands of private landowners.  I received a Masters in Business Administration from Eastern Kentucky University in 2004, and am the only private consultant in Kentucky with this credential, as well as being an SAF Certified Forester and a candidate member of the Kentucky Association of Consultant Foresters..

Through this experience, I am uniquely qualified to know the potential market "inside out", having worked the market extensively from both sides. Let me put my years of professional experience to work for you! Remember, as a forest landowner, you may only sell timber once in your lifetime, while a timber buyer may buy tracts weekly. Without the knowledge and experience that Wilson Forestry brings to your side of the table, you may be at a distinct and measurable disadvantage.

The case for using professionals is further shown by research, as evidenced by this report published in Journal of Forestry, a peer reviewed academic journal dedicated to Forestry:  

"In the case of forestry, using competent individuals (professionals) can cause a substantial improvement in the outcome of management activities such as reforestation (Royer 1985), harvest quality (Cubbage et al 1987), post-harvest stand structure (Cubbage et al 1985), and economic value (Cubbage et al 1985, Jackson 1985). In the Cubbage study, landowners assisted by professional foresters received as much as 87 percent more for their timber than those not assisted. In a Minnesota study, landowners who used a service forester received 40 percent more for their stumpage than landowners who did not (Henly et al 1988)." -SAF Task Force Report on Forester Registration and Licensing 2001, http://www.safnet.org/policyandpress/LRCinfo.cfm