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Among the valuable services that Wilson Forestry can provide you are:

Timber Sales Assistance

   Wilson Forestry is a full service forestry firm, providing sale assistance from planning to sale retirement.

    Timber Cruising  - estimation of saleable volume in your forest

    Valuation and Appraisal estimation of probable sale value of your timber

    Sale Planning determining the manner and scope of the timber sale

    Sale Execution and Administration Timber Sale, and attendant due diligence throughout the sale

    Sale Retirement assurance that your property is left in the condition which is agreed upon at sale execution

Wilson Forestry will work to see that your timber is sold your way at the Best Possible Price. Our experience in forest industry guarantees we have the knowledge and experience that You can use for your benefit when its time to sell your timber. It is essential, when picking your representative, that actual forest industry experience is taken into consideration. Our experience includes years of buying and selling for the largest producer of hardwood veneer in North America.

Timber Appraisals and Valuation

    Estimates of Taxable Basis for determinations of Future Capital Loss or Gains

    Estimates of Value for use in Probate Settlements

We have seen many cases in Kentucky in recent years, most notably the Ice Storm of 03, and the Southern Pine Beetle damage in southeastern Kentucky that have significantly diminished the value of timber stands. In order to claim these type damages as a capital loss, a landowner must have a valuation to establish a basis upon these stands. The value of a single load of logs would have paid many landowners back many times, had they taken this preventative measure.

Timber Trespass Evaluations

    Wilson Forestry can estimate the value of timber after it has been cut

    Wilson Forestry will work with your counsel to assure a timely estimate and vigorous testimony.

    A winning trespass case can result in payment of Triple Damages to the damaged party.

Wildlife Habitat Improvement

Wilson Forestry believes in fostering the highest quality wildlife habitat in all our management recommendations. Proactive seeding and harvest recommendations, as well as stewardship recommendations to just "spruce up" your wildlife's home, are always important when we manage property. Call us today for a review of your farm's habitat, and ways to improve the number and quality of wildlife living there.

 Urban Forestry

Tree species, condition and location can all affect the future quality of a tree in any urban landscape. An accurate and timely census of trees in urban areas, which reflects the condition and health of the individual trees is essential to municipalities to guide the effective use of arborist's resources in maintaining the health and safety of urban trees, and the exposure to liability of the municipality.